So…yeah. I have no excuse. I am a bad, bad author for neglecting you so severely.  That said, I’ve given you an extra-long chappie to hopefully make up for it! I’ll cease blathering and let you get to it.

Binding Truth

Chapter 9: Seeing around corners


Moving on…

A lengthy new chappie for you and more to come this weekend. My heartfelt thanks to all of you who have commented and encouraged me. I can’t possibly describe how incredible it is to receive such positive feedback.  Your  wonderful words truly do drive my creativity and I can only hope I continue to do justice to the support you’ve shown. So, please enjoy the next installment of Binding Truth.

Chapter 8: One Minute to the next

Take a deep breath

So, as promised, Chapter 7 of Binding Truth. I’m just gonna go duck and cover at this point, since we’re veering into non-canonical territory probably best left in my imagination. That being said, there are some major points in this chapter that I’ve always wondered about. Regardless of how it appears, I do solemnly swear that no cliché plot lines were used in the making of this story. So, feel free to grab a life-preserver and jump in to the deep end with me.

Binding Truth

Chapter 7: Know not what we may be

Can I just say…oops?

The hiatus is at an end! Sorry for the delay- isn’t real life a kicker, sometimes? Moving flatmates, having friends return from abroad, trying to finalize holiday plans months in advance thanks to an attempt to pull the entire extended family together- it just never ends! Not to mention the responsibilities of a research student coming to the end of the first year. Anyway, I’ll not bore anyone with the details. Suffice it to say, this chapter is just a brief peace-offering for my terrible neglect and the precursor to a much, much longer chapter out tomorrow. I’ll ask you to suspend belief in canon, book or show, at this point as we’re entirely off the map of both. Here be monsters, folks!

Binding Truth

Chapter 6: Overload

For your weekend pleasure

Tada! An update to Binding Truth just in time for the weekend! We’re finally gearing up for stripping the blinders off of our dear heroine, which I know you’ve all been waiting for with baited, and annoyed, breath. Yes, Sookie does regrow her brain, I promise.

Thank you all for your encouraging comments, especially if I haven’t managed to respond to you personally. I appreciate all feedback and am so glad people are intrigued by this plot line that simply will not leave me alone! So, please, enjoy chapter 5!

Chapter 5: Confusion heard his voice

Apologies and Amends

Ok, so I failed to follow through last weekend, but I just wasn’t happy with where the chapter was just then. Darn writer’s block. It took snatches of inspiration this week to make me feel better about the flow. On the plus side, I’ve almost finished chapter 5… So, sorry for the wait, but here’s chapter 4 of Binding Truth.

Chapter 4: Riddles, Confusion and Angst

Playing Catch Up and Promises

For those of you who missed it…Nadir is up to 25 chapters! And with that, writingforanemptymind is caught up to! Which means new posts will be here first…as soon as I finish editing. Considering I just finished some 20,000 words of penultimate draft for my doctoral thesis, I think I’m entitled to spend the weekend playing with our favourite telepath. Especially after the awful cliffhanger I left you with in Chapter 25: Engage. I’d like to say it wasn’t premeditated…but I’d had that written long before the bulk of the previous chapters. I’m just that evil. So, enjoy catching up with Nadir and I’ll work on posting this weekend.


Nadir Chapter 25: Engage